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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nature's surprise

Morning comes & morning goes, even if it's a birthday morning. yes....today's my birthday & I don't feel any different. well at least I try to don't feel any different & just let 17th july be any other date on the calendar. but it's not working. I stayed 1 minute longer in my bed today. guess there's still some hope. 
 Since I can remember I never had a birthday party,born & brought up in a house where birthdays were a no big deal or even a deal. it was embarrassing to go remind someone that it was my birthday only to get no response in return. my phones never got crashed because of birthday SMSs or calls at 12:00 am, never experienced the sweet pain of birthday bumps, never received any gifts or greeting cards, never got the cake smudged up on my face or ever wished upon the birthday candle. these sweet moments are absent in my life. 
After all these 20 years I think I should give up that hope. but something or the other never makes me forget that its not like any other day. contrary to my hopes, the weather news is reporting that the heat wave will continue.a tiring & sweating day at work. nothing special there. 
While returning from the expected day at work the clock tower's bell caught my attention. it said 5:00 pm. instantly my mind calculated the hours left for my birthday to get over & with it the miserable feeling I was having all day. now I can officially sum up this day as a "no special" day. the sun was blazing  & was throwing it's powerful rays as a spotlight. all of a sudden the clouds out of nowhere started to cover up the sky. the air became cooler & the leaves of the trees which were idle all this while started fluttering in the breeze. 
I remember when I was a kid I went up to this hill. I was sad that day. it was one of my birthdays. I laid on the grass & looked upon the clouds. I looked at them really hard & soon I saw a baby,a cat & Santa shaped clouds.
 Now these unexpected clouds lingering on the sky I had to take a look. a huge cloud was passing , it was shaped a cake! A vanilla cake & I could make out some candles too! then the sky turned darker. lightning & thunder joined the scene. soon rain accompanied them. the lightning & rain looked like a confetti shower & thunder sounded like claps. I couldn't believe what I was watching,  nature giving me a surprise birthday party. 
some car was honking at me. I looked back & stepped out of the way. I was going back to enjoy the view when I realized that it was all bright around. I looked at the sky. it was devoid of clouds & sun was shiny itself again. I looked at the clock tower. it was still at 5:00 pm.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dare to smell

  All eyes were on that bottle which was spinning on the ground. eyes getting wider with excitement as the bottle came to a halt, its tip pointing at Alok.
 "truth or dare?" chirped Sheena.
what will he choose? will he care for a dare or face the moment of truth? we all kinda knew  what his choice would be. always ready to take up the challenges it had to be dare. he was Barney Stinson of our group in that respect.  it wasn't like he was afraid of speaking truth but he liked walking on the road less traveled. since most of us opted for truth he was the only one who kept our interest going in the game.
"I choose.........DARE!!" roared Alok.
his reply was no surprise. we started brainstorming to dare him to do what this time. proposing some girl, doing gangnam dance in front of everyone. he had done it all.  just then a wild thought stinking of mischief crossed my mind. I grinned & whispered the thought in Sheena's ears. she seemed to like it but was a little apprehensive.
"well how will we keep check on him?" asked Sheena.
"come on we have run out of dares. this one's a lil  different." I replied.
"k then" said Sheena.
we turned to Alok to throw the challenge to him who was sitting rather comfortably showing no sign of anticipation.
"I dare you to skip your daily baths for one week. " I commanded.
the expressions changed on his face from excited to "whaaat" . he stared at us if we were serious. then after some thought,out came the expected reply "challenge accepted!"
 Bathless day-1:  the smelly games begin!
we were seated in class & making fun of previous day's game of truth & dare.
"didn't I told you something is brewing between Abhinav & pranita?!" I said.
 "I can't believe. he didn't even spare 1 sec to take Pranita's name for the girl in our class he liked the most." Sheena said in awe.
"...btw thanx for your 'no-fun' dare. what we got-a flop show . I would've given Alok a much better dare. "teased Sheena.
"it sounded better in my mind anyways it's not like we are gonna stop playing the game. " I said in my defense.
just then Alok tapped on our shoulders. "hey girls.just so you know I didn't took a bath today."
"Eewwww" we said together mocking him.
Bathless day-2-  that fishy smell.
another usual day. nothing out of ordinary not even any odour. but still something smells fishy.
 Bathless day-3: who let this smell out?
 a strong whiff of awful smelling air passed by me & Sheena,making our nose pinch in disgust. we both looked around to find the source which was none other than Alok. 
Bathless day-4: shortcut to hell?! 
"maintain safe distance, if it gets more unbearable wrap your handkerchief around your nose." Sheena suggested. it was chemistry practical & unfortunately Alok, the smelly boy was my lab partner.
"if I do that wouldn't he know that we are suffering?" I asked.
"we are dealing with sulfur here "Sheena answered my query.
chemistry lab never looked this dangerous to me as it did now.  anyways I worked according to Sheena's instructions,maintaining safe distance from him. surprisingly I didn't find the need of a handkerchief. maybe it was the smells of all the chemicals that overpowered the smell emanating from his body or may be Alok cheated & had a little bath. I was happily smiling at my fate when Alok who was standing beside me (I had ignored Sheena's instructions & reduced some distance from him). raised his hands up  & started pouring a chemical on the test tube. the "eeww-est" smell which was hiding under his armpits all this while found the desired chance to play with my nose & rushed out directly attacking my nose resulting in me getting a mini coma. in those very long 10 seconds I had a tour of hell.
after this incident I couldn't take smelly Alok any more. still 3 days were left to complete this challenge. god knows what's in store for us coming 3 days. we had to do something about it really fast.
after the college we confronted Alok & tried to reason him out  about this issue. but Alok stayed adamant. he raised his " dare history" card. in his 2 years history of truth & dare game he has never backed out of any dare. the argument was not reaching any conclusion & our reasoning started to turn into threatening.
Bathless day 5- Alok-the fly magnet.
  we were trying to stay away from Alok whereas the flies were enjoying giving him company.
"well somebody's loving my new scent!" he said mockingly as he swatted the flies.
we decided to go tough on him. it had to be done to save Alok & us from further embarrassment. with the ashirwad from Aloknath bapuji we started Alok'Bath' jokes. 

  after this act, Alok had to step down & he did. he didn't wanted to be remembered as Alokbath but as the legen-wait fer it-dary Alok who accepted all the challenges that came his way with a smile & a wink. being around him was like living underwater...holding the breath as long as you can. our condition was similar to these people(except boss) in this video-

 after this good news we let out a major sigh of relief. so we decided to reward him for his daring act of backing out of a dare. what better surprise than the Racold water heater (https://www.facebook.com/racoldthermoltdso he can wash off those stinking memories of 5 days & return as the old but rejuvenated & much better smelling Alok!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just another cold day

 The 6 o'clock alarm was still ringing, urging Gautam to wake up. but there was no sign of movement on the bed. at last Gautam's mom draped a shawl around her shoulders,walked into his room & turned off the alarm.
"Gautam, get up fast! you are going to get late for office." she yelled. getting no response from Gautam she started shaking him.
"what, mom! it's freezing cold. lemme sleep." whined Gautam. there was no way he was getting out of his blanket in this cold morning.

Gautam's mom went out of his room & after some time came back with a cup of tea. she urged Gautam to wake up ,even tempted him about the hot tea. finally he removed blanket from his face, sat upright & started sipping his bed tea. 
After finishing the tea he gathered all his courage & stepped out of his warm comfy blanket zone. he did a bit of stretching & then moved towards the bathroom where hot water was kept ready for him. 
now ready for office or more I say for the cold that was waiting to attack him once he is out in the open. he wore a jacket, wrapped a muffler around his neck & slipped his hands inside the gloves.
He then set out on his way to office. the weather was way colder than he expected. smoke cloud coming from his mouth as he walked ahead on the empty footpath. as the cold attacks got stronger, he started chanting "you don't feel cold!" to make his mind more stronger & the journey bearable. 
While walking he spotted a man covered with a battered blanket lying in one corner of the footpath.his words of self encouragement changed to "you have to go to office or else you'll end up like him."
The man sensing footpaths around,woke up. he rubbed his bare hands to generate some much needed warmth. teeth chattering ,he looked at the tea stall on the opposite side. it was still shut. "let's make some money first then I'll have chai." he thinks to himself. just then he feels something warm on his leg. he looks to find a puppy peeing on him. he shooed it away. 

The bowl was now well filled with coins. the tea stall had opened up. he had sufficient money for the tea. just then a howling noise reaches his ears. his eyes turn to that puppy who was crying & shivering. he took the puppy & wrapped the blanket around him. he thought-"poor chap crying for his mother who passed away yesterday & was taken away in the same truck as his other old begging friend who died of severe cold." 
He then went straight to the tea stall. bought some milk ,emptied his begging bowl & poured milk in it. he then gave it to the puppy who lapped it up in no time.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

seriousness apart

forget black cat , never let this bug cross your path.

 the serious bug has bitten lots of people worldwide. not leaving even celebrities. (see tommy lee jones)

whoever it bites their life takes a serious turn. their mantra changes to"why not so serious?"unfortunately few of the victims of serious bug are people I know. try best to avoid them but world is such a small place that I keep bumping on them.  some of them are mentioned below-

1) fit is not hit 
my cousin tanisha or as I call her 'Thinisha' is a fitness freak. she takes this fitness thing way too seriously. she keeps note of what & how much is going in her mouth(if any), checks her weight on the weight machine every 30 minutes. don't be surprised if you enter her room & find her in awkward pose doing yoga or see her completely drenched in sweat ,counting "50,51..." while trying to push the floor or try for a face to face conversation with her while she's doing headstand. I don't have any problems with her fitnes routines or anything . but when she tries to fit me in her big plan that's when the problem arises.  one morning after waking up when my feets reached for my slippers I found myself standing on the weight machine & miss thinisha noting the readings on her diary. whenever I try to take a bite of my favorite snack she has to ruin it for me by mouthing the Amy dialogue from friends -" a moment on the lips forever  on the hips." well I feel more sorry for her taste buds.

 2)Mrs 'Tarazu'wala
shobha aunty self inviting person to our house is  overly caring & overly serious about MY life. the moment she enters our house, starts firing questions "how was the exam?" "is result out?". after evaluating my not so good academic performance,starts the round of advises. she would suggest me some tutors, sleep pattern(early to bed early to rise), time management etc. then comes the worst part of the whole meeting- examples. to prove that her advises are always right she gives examples of so-n-so kids while munching on the 3rd samosa. she is always armed with an invisible tarazu to draw comparison between me & other kids.  

but later I got to know that I am not the only sufferer of her seriousness. there is one more-deepa di (my neighbour). shobha aunty is a regular visitor to her house too. no she doesn't evaluate her on the academic front but on the  marriage front.  the pattern is the same-first latest updates then advises( join matrimonial websites, print adds on newspapers etc) & then the stats  & examples. shobha aunty just can't take 'NO' as an answer & arguing with her -not a good idea. 

 3) not a fan of fan
here's a story. pari & veera used to be best friends.  they used to watch every movie together first day first show. their fav movie was twilight. both hearted edward cullen. then came new moon & veera fell in love with jacob. their talks turned into arguments with both fighting over their preferred character. soon they stopped talking to each other. there the twilight series ended here their friendship.

dare to tweet anything against SRK or salman, your timeline would be flooded with warnings & hateful replies in no time. if #KingSRK is trending so will #DabangSalman. you can't criticize or give your honest opinions about their movies without getting thrashed by their fans & lemme tell you they are large in number. for them either be a fan or hang from one. the stars may kiss & make up but their fans I don't think so.

in both the above cases the fans are pretty serious about their stars. instead of taking movie as a movie they make it a part of their ego.

for shobha aunty & thinisha I was the butt of their seriousness. I always thought  hope & prayers are the only things that can save me from them. but 5 star
came my way & now I am fully immune to their seriousness. shobha aunty & thinisha got their dose too. thinisha's taste buds stood up in respect. 

a treat of 5 star treated both of them from their serious condition & now they are not that freaky kinds anymore. as far as the fans are concerned I would suggest them the same treatment so the twitter can be a 'NO serious FANS LAND'!

food for thought-
“The one serious conviction that a man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously.”
― Nicholas Butler