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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kellogg's wale Guptaji ke ghar milenge

 As they say "never say NO to breakfast".  I take that very seriously. it helps refuel our system, gives mental & physical boost.
Those people who skip breakfast I request them to go to Guptaji  Kellogg's wale Guptaji's house. what a breakfast! not the same boring breakfast like in our homes. 100 different recipes. food for every mood.
Still not convinced? OK then try this. imagine your ideal breakfast. what ingredients does it needs to have? strawberry? walnuts? sitaphal or my fave chocolate? well your wish Kellogg's command. for your chocolate cravings Kellogg's present walnut cornflakes choco balls. with love called "first crush wala nashta". I fell in love with the nashta at first sight.
It 's Kellogg's wale Guptaji ka nashta so no compromise on taste & health. first crush wala nashta is not only crunchy, melts in mouth but also healthy as it has the super important ingredient Kellogg's corn flakes.
as I said before there are varieties in Kellogg's wale Guptaji ka nashta. I say breakfasting with whole family gives the food a new taste. but of course you can't serve gossips on plate. for family breakfast time it has to be "passing the parcel waala naashta" sitaphal cornflakes. together with the family during games mixed with hassi thathaka enjoy sitaphal cornflakes.
at times it so happens that someone in the family is feeling low or refuse to eat anything except bhav. how to handle this situation? like I said before Kellogg's wale Guptaji ka nashta is food for every mood.  for all the nakhreelis or the nakhreeleys Kellogg's wale Guptaji present chapatti cornflakes chivda "the nakhre wala nashta".
office or college lunch box must-have-cornflake coconut ladoos "the tiffin wala nashta". because tiffin is meant to be shared. so share these bundle of sweets among your colleagues & have a yummilicious treat everyday. no complaints from your wife or mother about the leftovers in your tiffin. the tiffin will be finished as soon as it opens. Kellogg's wale Guptaji Ka nashta is perfect for any environment.
having a movie night? popcorn is so usual why not try something different ...more power packed. Kellogg's wale Guptaji has what you need "the movie wala nashta"- cornflake popcorn clusters. be the movie how much engrossing your taste buds will be engrossed in the cornflakes popcorn clusters.
now you'll wonder that how much time it takes to prepare such mouth watering,lip smacking snacks everyday. what if I say 10 minutes tops.no way!! yes way!! it's Kellog's wale Guptaji. that's what makes it so convenient to eat & have anytime.. Kellogg's wale Guptaji ka nashta-super healthy,super tasty & super fast! ungliyaan chat tay reh jayenge. nashta with guptaji's family. kya aap aayenge? main toh chali!
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Always together no matter what!

I was nervous. I was going to meet her after 5 years. what would be her reaction when she sees me? will she recognize me? after all I've changed a lot. I am not what I once was. sabina my best friend from the 4th std was in Mumbai. I don't know from where she found my no. but I was glad she called & that she still remembers me. 
At 4:00pm I heard somebody ringing their bicycle bell continuously. I looked out of my window for that idiot. oh my god! she hasn't changed a bit...oh she has. she looked more beautiful & all grown up.  that idiotic but sweet smile was still the same. I ran walked out of the door & smilingly went towards her. she was the excited one. she hugged me tight & said what I was expecting dreading to hear "oh my god. you've changed so much." of course I have. I changed the "changing" topic & asked why was she ringing the bell for. she said " you forgot na? we used to call each other like that when we were kids for our daily evening bike ride. remember we used to race & you always won." yeah I used to be fun as a kid. 
"I was thinking let's do it again!" she said excitedly. "what? race? no way. I've left bike riding & I don't have a bicycle." I said feeling sorry. "don't worry you take my bicycle. I'll take my neighbours".
she wasn't going to hear a no. so I went ahead with the plan. its been a long time since I will be riding a bicycle but it won't be long when she'll know I am not a fun loving person anymore. I've grown more conscious with time. I have very small circle of friends & not popular as I used to be. 
we went riding around the town. the breeze was good. after some time she looked at me & said "race". then she started pedaling much faster. I was trying to make sense of her when intuitively I too started to pedal faster & harder. soon we were racing shoulder to shoulder. I was competitive again like that 4th std me. I was shouting while ringing the bell at people to give me way. I had reached the end ,I had won. I was out of breath ,sweaty but it felt so good. soon Sabina reached me & just smiled. she hugged me & said "you have changed & you are better than ever." I felt more relieved than good. she understands me . she knew me more than I knew myself. she made me shine in my own eyes. she grew the seed of optimism in me & now whenever I feel low I just revive that moment in my mind.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shift gears & kick start a new life.

 Its surprising how one tiny, baby but bold step can change a life & give it a whole new direction. my story starts with me studying in 11th std. I always considered myself an average girl with average looks & average marks in exams. but still I was happy atleast not being below average & sad that this school life will soon end & I'll leave this place just as I had entered it ,as an average student. but I knew it will end that way & I can't do anything about it. what can you expect from an introvert, dependent person like me?
Everyday is an opportunity. I didn't see it then. during our morning assembly our principal announced a contest where we could submit any charts,articles,model, presentation anything on our favorite topic & the best work will win a ticket to united kingdom where they'd meet students from all over the globe. sounds like an exciting opportunity...not to me then. I thought it was a waste of time as people who'll participate will be the toppers or people who frequent the winner podiums. I shrugged off the opportunity like I always did.
I was fooling myself because that morning never left my mind. I could see enthusiastic students preparing for it everyday. maybe ..maybe...there's a slight chance that I could also win. but how would I know if I didn't try so I approached my trusted small group of friends for participating in the contest together. they shrugged off that idea & prompted me to do so too. though I agreed with them but it didn't felt right.
Only 3 days were left for the contest to close & my chance of making any difference in my average student life. the thought kept nagging me day & night. I just couldn't see it passing away like that. I took out my bicycle, my digital camera & went riding around the town. I stopped in between & interviewed a guy about environmental pollution, capturing him on my camera. gladly the guy didn't turned me down & gave a smart answer. I kept on interviewing many people & end of the day I was ready with my contest entry. I submitted it in due date.
after some days the winner was announced... it wasn't me. so back to square one...no...I interviewed strangers & poked them questions . that was something I've never done before. during class sunita mam showed a video to the whole class. the smart guy in the beginning, the old uncle reminiscing his "back on my days" pollution free natural environment, a group of friends arguing their ideas & who to blame..so on...& last the kid threatening people to plant more trees or you won't get any chocolates. the whole class clapped at the end & then sunita mam announced the name of the creator...my name. there was a brief silence then the claps ensued. yeah..so not that average anymore.
The winner of the contest was back from uk & was going to present her experiences on stage. the stage was crowded with chief guests for the annual inspection. one of the chief guests during his speech asked that girl about her ideas on how to improve the education system & the school environment. she blabbered something, awed by the sudden question. the chief guest wasn't impressed & asked if anyone could answer that. now I know there were many people who could've given a good answer but I saw no hands raised. I saw as an opportunity & raised my hand. the chief guest signaled me to come on stage. I marched to the stage forgetting my stage fright & by looks on his face gave an impressive answer. the chief guest then applauded me & said something which I 'll never forget "you should've gone to united kingdom!"
Since that day my life took a beautiful turn & I haven't looked back. I can hear loud & clear the knocking of the opportunities at my door. this incident was not only rewarding but a lesson too. I became more confident & independent. so yeah, change is good.


Friday, January 9, 2015

The Time I Went Demented On Myself

 So the letters weren't working anymore....you know....the letters to god where you greet him first, ask about his well-being then mention your problems & ask him to solve them. of course at the end I'd never forgot to mention that I (whiny,miserable,messy kid) may soon join him if the letter went unanswered. 
Initially there was a lot of confusion regarding the mode of delivery of the letter. I tried the one where I threw it out of the window on a windy night, putting the wind on charge for its safe delivery to god. when one day while playing around the building I stumbled to a sheet of paper lying on the ground with my signature at the end. the irresponsible behavior of the wind made me look for other options.

I succeeded in finding a shortcut, right in my home, the wooden miniature temple where the photo frames of various gods, calenders of years gone by, silver idol of lord Krishna & a plaster of paris idol of lord Shiva were kept. the temple was decorated with various glittery mata ki chunnis under which I slipped my letter.
 fast forward to some days, my mom during one of the temple cleaning days got hold of my secret letter. fortunately due to my mom's lack of confidence in reading English words (she can read some small words but she tries to avoid any encounters with English,afraid she would sound silly .) I was able to convince her that it was one of the pages of my some notebook. 
As mentioned at the start after a while the letters didn't bore any result, that's when I decided I needed to take some extreme steps. to make the almighty realize that those threats weren't bogus. 
I took one birthday candle, lit it & tilted it on my arm. a drop of hot melted wax dripped on my arm. it felt like as if a needle pierced my skin. the sensation lasted only some seconds & then it became normal. as it happens, the spot where the liquid wax dropped was now covered with solid white wax which I scrubbed off. the skin was reddish. I did two more times at various spots on my arm. I liked that sweet painful experience. it became my little stunt.

But like always, my mother noticed the burn mark on my hand & I had to let go of that 'fun burn' activity. as I became more mature (or immature) I grew fond of drugs,alcohol & smoking. no, I never did any of it in reality. I just liked it from the movies. drinking alcohol & dancing the night away. sniffing drugs & not giving any damn about the world. the cool process of smoking- first tapping it two times on the knee, lighting it up then the real thing. how can it not seem so attractive.      

From the sources (my school mates) I got to know that sniffing whitener also has the same effect as drugs. I sniffed it... nothing happened. then I don't know what was going on in my mind I popped half a piece of an expired medicine tablet in my mouth. there was no reaction & I got bored of that too.

In self hate I was doing self harm. I soon put an end to it & put my mind somewhere where it was needed the most, in self love. it took some time but it was worthwhile & risk free. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nature's surprise

Morning comes & morning goes, even if it's a birthday morning. yes....today's my birthday & I don't feel any different. well at least I try to don't feel any different & just let 17th july be any other date on the calendar. but it's not working. I stayed 1 minute longer in my bed today. guess there's still some hope. 
 Since I can remember I never had a birthday party,born & brought up in a house where birthdays were a no big deal or even a deal. it was embarrassing to go remind someone that it was my birthday only to get no response in return. my phones never got crashed because of birthday SMSs or calls at 12:00 am, never experienced the sweet pain of birthday bumps, never received any gifts or greeting cards, never got the cake smudged up on my face or ever wished upon the birthday candle. these sweet moments are absent in my life. 
After all these 20 years I think I should give up that hope. but something or the other never makes me forget that its not like any other day. contrary to my hopes, the weather news is reporting that the heat wave will continue.a tiring & sweating day at work. nothing special there. 
While returning from the expected day at work the clock tower's bell caught my attention. it said 5:00 pm. instantly my mind calculated the hours left for my birthday to get over & with it the miserable feeling I was having all day. now I can officially sum up this day as a "no special" day. the sun was blazing  & was throwing it's powerful rays as a spotlight. all of a sudden the clouds out of nowhere started to cover up the sky. the air became cooler & the leaves of the trees which were idle all this while started fluttering in the breeze. 
I remember when I was a kid I went up to this hill. I was sad that day. it was one of my birthdays. I laid on the grass & looked upon the clouds. I looked at them really hard & soon I saw a baby,a cat & Santa shaped clouds.
 Now these unexpected clouds lingering on the sky I had to take a look. a huge cloud was passing , it was shaped a cake! A vanilla cake & I could make out some candles too! then the sky turned darker. lightning & thunder joined the scene. soon rain accompanied them. the lightning & rain looked like a confetti shower & thunder sounded like claps. I couldn't believe what I was watching,  nature giving me a surprise birthday party. 
some car was honking at me. I looked back & stepped out of the way. I was going back to enjoy the view when I realized that it was all bright around. I looked at the sky. it was devoid of clouds & sun was shiny itself again. I looked at the clock tower. it was still at 5:00 pm.