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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fantastico exercises

EXERCISE. How many of us dread this word? Most of us! After all who likes to wake up early morning and then run after nothing or go to the gym and struggle with the instruments or practice yoga and end up making fun of yourself. These are sure helpful in losing fat but just not 'my' type. According to me these are monotonous and require a lot of commitment which I just can't give because I am lazy and I know it! So bored by these exercises and tired of carrying the extra weight around I discovered my type of exercises- the fantastico five.

Wanna get hold of my discoveries? Here they are-

  1. Skipping rope- you must have done this in your childhood. isn't it fun? It's a fast and easy way to achieve your goal. If you are just starting make your rounds atleast 1-2 minutes long. Increase your time limit by 1 minute every 3rd day. No. of rounds should be atleast 6 per day. Remember a little commitment goes a long way!

  1. Zumba-  Zumba is a dance fitness program which involves dance and aerobic elements. It's a very enjoyable activity. Free tutorials and videos are easily available on you tube. After this you'll not only feel light but thoroughly enjoyed. Say zumba do zumba!

  1. Swinging- I know it's an outdoor activity but trust me it's worth it. I love to go for a stroll at night after dinner. The air is cooler and not many people around. The  park is devoid of kids around this time so a perfect time to take a swing. Swinging is the most therapeutic activity of all. How much tensions, worries and depressive thoughts you may have, after swinging it's all vanished and you feel optimistic. It has a joy of its own during night time as the sky is clear with lots of stars. As you go back and forth it seems you gonna grab them. I know it sounds childish but that's what it does to you, makes you a kid again. Takes you back to the time when tension, worries were alien to you.  As obvious It's my most  favorite activity.

  1. In- house squash-  my recent discovery. Apart from the advantages of walls mentioned in my earlier blog post "Quality Walls" walls can be helpful in exercises too. Make wall your tennis buddy and play with it. It's a fun game as walls are very competitive and unbeatable. The materials you need are a ball and racket. If you don't have a racket you can very well use a thick cardboard book or a writing pad. It's kinda an addictive activity so don't push yourself after your clothes get all sweaty.

  1. Household chores- if you already do these good! Those who do not well you should. Doing household chores has double advantage. First the activity itself will get completed and second they are good exercises. Some household chores like blending dough with hands and mopping are very advantageous for the body.

I've shared what I had to.these fantastio five are fun and impactful. If you have any other fantastico exercises please do share! and always remember every drop of sweat counts!! 

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Navigating my way through rat race


Up till 9th grade life is pretty easy, if not easy definitely relaxed and fun! in 10th grade life true colors start appearing. That's when society and people around you becomes hyper-actively concerned about your education . Parents start keeping tab on other's kids performance and dedication. by dedication I mean -"that kid studies for 10 hours!!"  "he wakes up at 4 o'clock and that too by himself!!" "he tells his mom to switch off the TV so that he can study without any disturbance!!" blah!blah!blah! That's when comparisons arises…..you hate that other guy, you want to beat him. you've fixed your compass. your parents have flagged off the race-the RAT RACE!! 

On parties, get- togethers people asking you about your studies, giving you tips( which you anyways ignore). The examination starts-  you try to release all  your frustrations in exams, with all the cramming you have done, you try to do your best! After the bell rings you walk out of the dreaded classroom checking your answers with your buddies. As soon as you reach home mom asks about your exam. Vacation starts. …. Your parents enroll you in IIT coaching. your results arrive-either you are happy or too happy. Now people start making contemplation of which stream you will be choosing. you chose science. the compass points to north, you are on right path. 

 People's attitude towards commerce students-" science ni mili kya(can't get into science)?60-70% aaye honge"! Worse Towards arts people-" if  you did arts you did nothing"!

In 11th, life is fun again but physics and math eat you up! Anyhow you pass!

Then 12th arrives , you become a juggler…..juggling your coaching with your classes. People again become hyperactive……10th is repeating but it's much more intense and serious. people say "now 10th marks don't matter, 12th will be deciding your future"!

internal exams starts you are upset your marks are so low. parents and teachers pressurizing you at regular intervals.  amidst the worries of your future you study. Then real board exams arrive- your heart beat racing  as you move to your center. Doing last minute revision when the bell rings….."ITS SHOWTIME!"after Exchanging best luck wishes with your friends you walk towards your seat- your face clearly says it’s a do or die situation. You start writing….it's too lengthy…the question which you thought will never come, comes with a heavy weight age….half way through the exam your eyes are all moist….you feel sleepy..you couldn't sleep in the night due to tension. Final bell rings it's time to surrender your answer sheet. you come out ,discuss first few questions nothing matches…you think discussing paper was a bad idea. you go home mom asks you say one of the following or at times all- "it was okay" "questions from outside of syllabus were asked" "too lengthy" "everybody's paper was bad"!

 Board exams over now enters the "dragon" entrance exams. you refer to the compass in your mind, heavily manipulated by "log kya kahange" program the compass still points to north. After  eenie meenie miney mo -ing all the answers, the D-day arrives you got ok( more than what you were expecting) but parents not so happy. They wait for your entrance results. it's the last deciding factor.  By chance you got good marks EMMM worked. you got admission into a prestigious engineering college as this was your parent's dream. this is where the compass was pointing to. you navigated well and have finally reached the destination. people who couldn't make it envy you!

 After few months enrolling in "dream" institute, you are doubtful if it really was your destination. you take out the compass, the compass is pointing erratically in all directions. the golden compass has malfunctioned, leaving you in a lurch.    Well who knew your happiness was limited. Life happens.

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The fantastico world of love



Exchanging of greeting cards showing a naked winged boy shooting an arrow through heart, transformation of college corridor into a flirting zone ,singles panicking and the breaking news about proposals acceptance and rejection , the valentine month has started... and I hated it.
Ria and Dev (my BFFs) approached my desk. Ria had something in her hand...oh, another display of affection by Rohit,a greeting card. finding me looking at it Ria hid it behind. she knew what was I going through.
"why you hiding it? afraid I'll start crying like a baby just because I've never received one of those?" I asked.
"No, actually it's a bit funny. I am afraid you'll make fun of it and then brand people in relationship as "STUPID" she answered.
That got me curious. I had to have a look at it. I snatched the greeting card from her hand. it was huge. not to mention lots of hearts and the word "love" in bold italics. it had lots of pages. each page featuring the famous couples starting with Adam and eve, then romeo-Juliet, shahjahan-mumtaz, heer-ranjha and so on. the funny part- their faces were replaced by Ria and Rohit's faces. I broke out into a laughter. Ria snatched the card from my hand and said "I knew it!" "you people are stupid!" I retorted.
"No they are crazy in love" Dev who was silently standing all this while spoke. I was startled to hear this comment from him. he was like me. we both were single and enjoyed making fun of couples. he was a happy single guy whereas I was slowly turning into a relationship wannabe.
I wanted to tease Dev but Ria cut me off "Shreya  I know what you are going through. but believe me when the time comes your 'special someone' will enter your life. until then take solace in knowing that you both are under the same sky."
I was done with the waiting game. it was time to take this matter into my own hands. that "special someone" is out there somewhere. I just have to find him. so I decided to go on a love hunting spree. all I needed was a sign from the universe giving me a hint where should I start my journey from. Ria shook me. "hey can you please return this library book for me. I am going out with Rohit."  okay so library it is.
I was browsing the book shelves in library when I heard someone fall. a guy fell off carrying a pile of books. I helped him in picking up the books. I saw his face. he was Uday, the topper of our class. I didn't know about him much but whenever I needed his notes he always gave me. he being topper his notes were in big demand but he never denied me and made me go empty handed without notes. why? that rang a bell. I asked him. "'coz Dev always used to reserve it for you before anyone else."he replied. oh Dev My best friend.:) "is there anything else you want to tell me?" I asked smiling. "Nothing, I think" he replied reluctantly.
I couldn't sleep.....just tossing and turning in bed. I called Ria my 2:00 am buddy and told her everything. Ria was surprised at first.
" I always knew Dev had a thing for you. whenever professors ask you questions and you go blank he diverts professor's attention by asking them a doubt. he also convinced Laxmi mam to shift him in our practical batch not because Laxmi mam was his favorite but because someone else was." Ria teased me.
"welcome to the other side. isn't this world of love amazing?" Ria, the love ambassador spoke.
"it's fantastico!" I answered. 
That night I just couldn't sleep. I suddenly could relate to all the love songs. that feeling of being loved by someone was over powering. My special someone was so close to me all this while and I never knew. As the dawn was rising so were the butterflies in my stomach. how will I face him? how will I react if he decides to propose?  will I be able to utter those magical four words to him?
                                                      "I love you too!"

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karmic music


Somewhere up , up, more up, upper than your imagination can take you, God the almighty was feeling bored. Now how to kill this boredom? That's when an idea struck him! Why not organize a game?
 "Yeahhh! Let's have a game with Earthians…oh no I can't do that. I already had enough games with them today, like the guy who wanted to see some local videos but couldn't because "The video you have requested is not available for your geographic region." the guy who fell in cow shit and found a diamond ring! Hohoho…..that was fun!" 
Time to make an announcement to the heaven and hell people! " hello  inhabitants of heaven and hell. Heaveners, do you want to have fun for heaven's sake? and Hellers, do you want to escape further torture? Then we have the right opportunity for you! Play my fantastico game and win!"
Everybody was excited! Heaveners sipping holy drink, seated in soft comfortable chairs were waiting for the contest to start whereas Hellers were behind the bars, with guards poking them with their sharp weapons.  One player from each side stood at the starting line. On the sound of the whistle blow both will have to start running and reach the piano kept at some distance. Upon reaching there they'll have to play the piano. Whoever will reach first and play the most melodious music will win.  
God blew the whistle. Both started racing. The Heavener reached the piano and was getting ready to play it. Heller was trying hard but couldn't reach the piano. The closer he was getting to piano the farther the piano was getting from him. By this time Heavener started playing the piano. He sang a song about how heaven is the best place and god the kindest,the wisest,the handsomest etc. God was loving every bit of it especially the part about him which was almost every part. the impact of the music was so great that God's pearly tears started flowing. once he finished, God and Heaveners started applauding. by this time heller had finally reached his piano and started singing the song titled "the Karma drama". the song suggested to throw the karma system and to bring in its place the lottery system. Hellers cheered. God thought the song was nonsensical and not even pleasing to ears. so Heavener was declared the winner and Heller loser. Now was the time to award the winner and give punishment to the loser. God snapped his fingers.

 A girl in shopping store browsing some clothes. Checks the price tag "too expensive!" moves to footwear collection. Again "too expensive!" she decides to call it quits. Moves ahead to pay for a lipstick she bought. Just then confetti starts showering on her. The salesgirl shouts "congrats on being our 1000th customer. You win a Rs. 10000 voucher! Happy shopping!!!" lucky girl, isn't she? Why not she be as she was the Heavener who won.

 A boy writing his paper in exam hall. In his mind "wow such an easy paper. I'll surely top!" he suddenly stops writing. He can't remember the answer. Moves to another question. He has forgotten this answer too. It was as if his memory containing the answers was erased. He's puzzled. He can't write anything. He was the Heller!

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My Fantastico Balloon Phase

Balloon of happiness -
I was playing with it, all I cared about was that, it had all the attention of a 4 yr old me till someone told me to pose for the camera. The photo was taken, considered the best and the most fantastico pic of my childhood it's all framed and is proudly hanging on the wall of my  house for some years. What made the pic look so good? Was it my innocence or the joy brought out by the colorful fantastico balloons? It must be combination of both!

My Fantastico playmate-
It was customary for me to get a balloon at the Diwali fair. Now It's shape and colour a little changed. It was constructed by 3 balloons. 1 white balloon as the base stick, 2nd white balloon bent in an oval shape joined with the 1st one and the 3rd blue balloon inside the empty space of the 2nd one. It resembled a lollipop- a balloon lollipop! of course with a different purpose. After waving it and banging on my brother's head for some time I used to take out the 3rd balloon. It's always better to have two in case of "emergency". If one bursts I still had the other one. I used to draw a smiley face on it.
Big Balloon Theory-
 One night after coming from the Diwali fair I kept the balloons inside the bed as I considered it to be the safest place for them. In the morning when I woke up from a sound sleep I looked under my bed. With no sights of it I went on a blaming my brother spree. when later I  inspected the scene of crime I found the remains of the balloon. I cried loudly to make my mom and dad realize how grave the situation was! My dad tried to calm me down saying "balloon is temporary. It lived for long it had to. We too are like balloons. Our time will also come but the decision is in our hands if we cry about everything we lose or appreciate its presence! wasn't that a good balloon?" "it was." I said sobbing. That day I learnt the life's biggest lesson….through a balloon!

A Wishing Balloon-
Few days ago on my 20th birthday me and my friends bought balloons. My friend started taking our pics saying it would be perfect for facebook coverpics. We started posing holding the colourful balloons when my balloon's string got tangled with one of friend's balloons strings. We were untangling it when I lost the hold on my balloon and it flew away. I was sad but then I quickly made a wish.  It is one of the most beautiful and fantastico moment of my life.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.