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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stand for Smiles

 Welcome to 'musu musu hasi' society. here you'll find creative kids, friendly animals and busy adults. kids during summer holidays were successful in bringing monotonous and tired folks to their lemonade stands,making some good bucks. while counting their money and distributing it equally among themselves an idea struck their curious minds. read on to find all about that idea, from its inception to its acomplishment.
Rahul - everybody got their share?  what a great end to this season. 
Monty- what about the winter? let's do the same in winter holidays.
Rahul- I thought we were creative. 
Khushi- why don't we sell smiles on a plate?
Rahul and Monty exchanging looks.
Monty- stupid. how can anyone serve smiles on a plate?
Khushi- Monty, when are you most happy?
Monty- when I am eating. 
Khushi- ...and what is it that you love eating the most?
Monty and Rahul (together)- McCain snacks!!!

While people were busy unpacking their woolen wear and preparing for winter. Rahul,Monty and Khushi were busy setting up their "smiles stand" outside their building. with the help of Monty's chef dad their lip smacking menu was ready to be served to the unsmiling faces. Monty's dad was concerned as most people just like to stay at home during the chilly weather but they were confident that the smell of hot McCain snacks would drag them to the stand. they couldn't have been more right.  
                                              smiles stand
First customer to grace their stand was Mr. Singh and Rambo. Mr. Singh every evening takes his German shepherd Rambo for a walk. after his wife passed away two years back, Rambo was their only companion. Rambo having an extraordinary sense of smell, dragged Mr. Singh to the smiles stand. 
he looked amusingly at the McCain smiles which are delicious mashed potatoes,seasoned and shaped into happy faces. after taking a bite Mr. Singh's face transformed into a happy smiling face . after finishing his delicious meal he took out his wallet to pay but the kids had some other plan.
we- we follow a give and take policy. we made you smile. now it's your turn. 
with this they straightened their face.
Mr. Singh understood their plan.
Mr.Singh- living with an animal I've too learnt to speak their language.
he started mimicking various animal voices which was bang on. the kids were entertained and shared a hearty laughter with Mr. Singh.  

A short while later, Rajni di, a paying guest came to their stand carrying her usual bundle of books. living away from home she definitely must be missing her home made food. when they offered her McCain special she mumbled excuses like I am watching my weight until the irresistible smell of McCain got better of her and she changed her mind. when she heard their stand's policy she took out her makeup kit and offered to do the their makeup to which they gladly agreed. 20 minutes later the kids transformed into little monsters. by the happy look on her face the kids might have been successful in making her feel at home.

Rahul's dad arrived at the scene with his usual grim expression and cellphone glued to his ears. the kids along with the Mr. Singh and Rajni di, the new members of smile squad requested him to try their happily served McCain delicacies.  he agreed to take just one bite for their sake. he took one bite then another, slowly finishing up the plate. he transformed into a spirited young man. he broke the prosaic atmosphere with his break dance moves. everybody was stunned at first, soon after joining him at the floor.  

                                           menu on display

the atmosphere was totally 'McCain'ical. everybody's face resembled McCain smiley. as they say the way to one's heart is through stomach. smile is a product of happiness which doubles when shared. the kid's had found the secret to heart felt smiles and took a stand to promote it. the smile inducing menu of McCain snacks worked its magic in the hearts of people while leaving a lasting taste of happiness in the mouth. its undoubtedly smiles served on a platter to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. so bring McCain snacks and cheer your peers.

recipe for smiles-http://www.mccainindia.com/

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Get together -the kissan way

life today is unimaginable without our smartphones. 24x7 on our phones, we've collected a great amount of knowledge of what's going in different parts of the world. but have we forgotten something important? hit logout button. keep your phone aside and think what you may be missing from life.

you've missed the joy of creating, exploring and reinventing. where's the child in you? the child who loved dancing in the rain, climbing trees,picking fruits from the trees, hearing stories from the elders and calling friends from their homes, now all kinds of relationships are trapped in the cellphone. it's the only string keeping you in touch but it's a weak one.... it won't hold for long. the old relationships are losing their ground and the new ones are not getting strong foundation. it's the technology that needs to take the back seat and you should deal with your relationships upfront. it's high time you reconnect with nature, release that trapped energy that you've been bottling up and rewind the time you spent with your kith and kin.    

start creating memories which will be there with you forever, not like chats which will eventually end up in spam folder after a certain time. be there! be present physically, connect in person. give a shoulder to your loved ones to rely on, give a hand to pull them back up when they fall down.  because sometimes it needs a little more than a "tc", :-), XOXO, :-*,"k", LOL.  a real smile, a real hug, a real laugh and a real kiss. world is a big place with beautiful things in abundance and well, life is short, don't waste it away distracted by your cellphone. the cellphone doesn't assure you the warmth, the feelings and the touch of real relationships. it's what you'll have to work towards. 

cellphones offer ready answers and advises to our queries but it's nothing compared to sharing your concerns with your loved ones and finding the solution together. people engrossed in phones tend to be self obsessed and the urge to post a new update on everything and anything rules them. they come with their own interpretation of a piece of text instead of clearing out the doubts in person. time will pass so will the people but not the memories. they stay forever. 
the joy is here, in now. live the now. connect with friends, relieve the old times, hold no barriers of smart phones and everything will flow naturally. also spread the 'Kissan's tip to lifelong relationships' far and wide, so everyone awakes and enjoy the real joy of togetherness. smartphone may be your smart friend but not an emotional, crazy, lovely or "i'll be there for you" types. 
so jam out like they do in kissanpur-http://www.kissanpur.com/

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tata sky transfer-the magic box

 Mobile industry is going through a revolution. initially made for the voice transfer from one corner of the world to another, it is now used in many more ways. it has become multi- purpose device. we click photos from it, we use it as a diary, we set reminders on it, we read books on it,we hear music and watch videos on it. it's like a world at our fingertips,entertainment on the go. but we still resort to TV for high quality, up to date entertainment. this kinda puts limit on our entertainment from mobiles. don't worry. Tata sky has come up with a new revolutionary product Tata Sky+ Transfer to keep tab on events and your favorite entertainment shows from anywhere at anytime.

There are some or rather several shows on TV that I like to watch regularly. missing them is out of question as I go on anticipating what might have happened on the show. also if you are friends with a bunch of gossipers, it becomes all the more important to keep abreast of the latest happenings so not to lag behind in the conversation. at lunch time, after college or during boring lectures, we discuss about the shows happenings. whenever I've missed any, they hype that episode so much that I regret not watching it. repeat telecast is a solution but catching it at the right time from the right story-line is a bit of a hassle. if you miss any episode in between, the story becomes blurry and you miss the connection.
Talking about connections, if you have a workable  WiFi connection, you can record your favorite show on TV, transfer it to your mobile and watch it at leisure without any internet connection. hence less internet bills. I am looking forward to using this new exciting service by tata sky to transfer some of my favorite entertainment pieces like-

1)Movies and shows- I am basically a movie buff. I can watch any movie, be it romcom, gore,horror, scifi or any other. I like to keep a collection of movies in my cellphone at all times. I just can't compromise on quality. Tata Sky+ Transfer set top box offers HD quality, 1080i resolution video recording. also you can have movie marathon in your house with 16:9 aspect ratio TV screen and Dolby digital surround sound. it's like the theater at your home. movies that I can watch any no. of times are life of pi, harry potter series, interstellar, inception, bridesmaids,kkhh.

Also TV shows like key and peele, snl,friends, tbbt to fill my laughing stock. these are best things to turn on when I am super bored.

I like to watch culinary shows like farah ki dawat, chakh le india when required. at times it so happens that you watch a culinary show, think of making it someday, but when that someday comes you remember that you didn't take the recipe. it can kinda be a good food mood spoiler. and that's when the magic of  Tata Sky+ Transfer can really help me. while watching the show I can record it, no need to take notes then later transfer it on my phone. I can't take TV to my kitchen but I can take my cellphone. it will guide me in making the dish and surprising my belly.

National geography,discovery and animal planet airs these wonderful documentaries which I miss somehow. these documentaries though lengthy are so informative and exciting, perfect for a curious person like me. because there are times when you don't want to watch movies or typical shows and learn something new. I like to watch these documentaries when I know I've sufficient free time and without any interruptions. one documentary in one sitting.

2) Music- I love music, who doesn't. I like to keep my songs list updated. zoom,VH1 come up with the week's best list , all top music at one time. with Tata Sky+ Transfer I can record it and transfer it to my phone or stream it side by side. I am really liking how taylor swift is throwing surprises from her album 1989. whenever there's a new good song I like to listen it on repeat until I grow out of it. tata sky+ transfer will help me avoid the hassle of downloading the music videos from internet when they are finally available.

So at parties or get togethers I've an awesome list of songs ready with me. my current favorite artists are selena, bruno mars,weeknd,imagine dragon.

3)Sports- I am not much of a sports enthusiast but my rest of the family is. they follow practically every sport cricket religiously, football, tennis, badminton,hockey and many more. my dad is a football fanatic. the games often being scheduled at odd times. sometimes late at night till the wee hours of the morning. the sound from the TV, the hooting by my dad disrupts our sleep. and as you know not enough sleep, grumpy mood all day. with Tata Sky+ Transfer they can stream it on their mobile phones,plug in their earphones while the rest of us enjoy our valuable nap. we are looking forward to the upcoming India vs South Africa series. a wicked plan has come into my brother's mind. due to his exams he won't be allowed to watch matches. he is planning to use Tata Sky+ Transfer feature and stream the match on his cell phone without anybody knowing.

All this and more can happen when you've got the magic box tada-Tata Sky+ Transfer . the entertainment of your choice, anytime. this set top box has got everything covered. with additional features like video on demand,3D ready,karaoke and other value added services. its truly entertainment as you like. so sit back and enjoy.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

How I Wish We Were Buddies

"It was very important day for me. I was going to perform bharatnatyam in front of an audience. I handed you the invitation card. when the curtain rolled up my eyes were searching for you.I couldn't find you. you said you were busy that day...everyday. I wanted to share those happy moments with you. how I wish we were buddies."

"I hated the morning breakfast and the dinner. when we all were together. it always started out as silent affair only to be concluded into a shouting match later. why couldn't we just talk? how I wish we were buddies."

"may be out of fear, I could never tell you how much I disliked your drinking and smoking habit. I used to cough loudly to draw your attention to the effect your smoking was having on us. when I couldn't take your drunken antics and smoke filled room any longer I hid the cigarette packets. when you found out you beat me. you never listened. how I wish we were buddies."

To most of us parenting seems to be more or less like a job. it's the next big step after marriage- having babies. "congrats you are a daddy/mom now. big responsibility on your shoulders." indeed it's a big responsibility. but who said it has to be burdening. the people who are yet to step into parenthood may have an impression that it's end of the fun. parenting can be a lot of fun if done right. the society is full of various examples of parenthood- the good,bad and the ugly.
when we hear the phrase "buddy parenting" we visualize the bonding like rahul-anjali in kuch-kuch hota hai, rohit-sonu in akele hum akele tum or juhi chawla is seen having with her kid in the latest  “Kellogg’s Chocos Ke Saath Khuljaye Bachpan”ad. 

well in reality its not very different.what makes any parent a buddy parent is not only their active participation in their children's life but at the same time giving them space which many parents choose to ignore. another thing which differentiates the parenting style of buddy parents from the rest is the listening ear. they really listen to their kids, do not try to force their decision without listening and try to understand their point of view. A healthy argument is essential in any relationship.
The buddy parents know how to prioritize. for them family comes first. they give importance to family time and invest in experiences rather than material things. children can be the greatest teacher and their feedback should be valued. buddy parents make a free not fearful environment for their children.
from my personal observation and experiences I've found kids who enjoy a buddy relationship with their parents tend to be more confident,responsible & have a positive outlook to life. they are a success in social front. when I asked Aarti she can go anywhere,anytime since her parents had given her freedom. she said "freedom is a responsibility. I respect my parents and the freedom they have provided me."
In this ever changing, constantly running world it becomes all the more important to be buddies with your children. “Kellogg’s Chocos Ke Saath Khuljaye Bachpan” initiative is one of its kind and need of the hour. the mantra of buddy parenting should be adopted by every parent to form a barrier free bond with their kids & empower them to great heights.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

maa kasam moments

 A very good evening to you all & welcome to another incredible episode of maa kasam

since it's mother's day we have a special guest today. you may or may not know her, but I know her very well. before I introduce her let me tell you this joke that I received today on whatsapp.

                 teacher: Tell me, Johnny. Do you say prayers before eating?
                     Johnny: No, ma’am, I don’t have to. My mom’s a good cook.
my mom's a good cook too. now without any further ado let's call our guest on stage. she is a mother...yes... the world's toughest,unpaid, full time job with no retirement & no expectation of benefits.
 I-welcome mam.
mam- please call me ma.
I- ok ma. before we chat we have some pics from your childhood.

I- wow you look like yesteryear heroines from the black & white era.
ma- thank you for the compliment. I used to take good care of myself back then.
I- how were you as a kid? shy or naughty?
ma- I was naughty. me & my friends at midnight would steal potatoes from other people's farms and then make some delicious dish. we were cautious to not make the smoke from the chulha noticeable as people would get suspicious.
I-oh you were naughty. what about your daughter? has she inherited this quality of yours?
ma- the naughtiness has only multiplied. she was a talkative kid who used to often get in trouble. once she just stormed into home from school, threw her bag & wasn't saying anything. after much prodding she told that she had a fight with a girl. the girl called her mother into school who scolded her in front of the class. she said she wouldn't go to school unless I accompany her & scold that girl back.
I- how did you handled it?
ma- i went with her the next day. the girl was scared looking at me. I asked her name & talked nicely , smilingly. 
I- your daughter must not have been very happy with you?
me- she wasn't. I told her to shake hands with her & make friendship. she did as I told but back home she was furious. she couldn't understand why I didn't took a stand for her. I told her you had two  choices either to make a friend or an enemy and I am glad you chose the former. being sensible as she is, she quickly understood my point.
I- since you are from a rural background how hard was for you to manage in a metro city like Mumbai?
ma- it was definitely not easy but I met some wonderful people here who helped me gel in this city. back in village I used to wake up early morning, milk the buffaloes, collect firewood, cut grass in forest and carry it back to home, take cattle for grazing and do ordinary household chores. but here I had to learn how, where,what of shopping, making budgets,cooking different types of dishes etc. it was a lifestyle change for me. 
I- your daughter says she loves both of her parents but is closer to you than her dad. how did you built this rapport with her?
ma- as my husband works in Indian navy his job required him to stay away from us. my daughter has seen a little less of him so she became closer to me. it was a huge responsibility but I was all up for it. she was a mom crazy kid. she used to bring the house down if she woke up from deep slumber and didn't find me beside her. 
I-from our trusted sources we have learnt that you have some unusual talent. why don't you tell us about it.
ma- haha. I have a talent of re(verse)- remixing songs. I can sing any new funky song in 60s style of music. this talent of mine was discovered my daughter who happens to be your 'trusted source' too.
I- haha. on this note let's have a look at another photo of yours.
ma- I feel so embarrassed.
I- why? you look so good.
ma- actually one day I was talking to my daughter about trying new things and to never be afraid of new situations. she asked me to wear jeans. so following my words I changed into my husband's t-shirt and jeans. result is in front of you. 
I- what was your daughter's reaction?
ma- she was surprised at first then she told me to wear only jeans from now on. I asked her "did this jeans made be a better mom? "
I- what are some best moments you have spent with your daughter?
ma- I cherish every moment being a mother. I loved late night champi time. giving her coconut oil hair massage. she has long & thick hair.
I- does this champis still continue now?
ma- they do only the roles our reversed now. she helps me dye the greys in my hair. she's keeping me young.
I- we have some more photos. these look very special.

ma- the first one is my wedding photo. I was camera shy. my daughter had a habit of trying out my stuffs like walking in my sandals stumbling a few times, wearing my bindis and Bengals which waited for the moment when her hands were down to slip away. but it was my wedding lehenga which got the most appreciation and attention from her. I dressed her up in my wedding dress. she looked like a gift all wrapped up. she used to suddenly go under a transformation in that dress. the mischievous kid changed into a shy girl. 
I- you are such a lovely mother. what's your secret?
ma- no secrets. I've also made some mistakes. I learnt a lot from my mother & mother-in-law. they are both exemplary & were very strong women. I  don't believe in comparisons. I never draw comparison between my kid & some xyz person. I consider it a humiliating practice having zero motivation.  

I- our sources which you know who, has shared with us a lifeguard moment. why don't you share the story.
ma- as a trouble seeker kid during one of her daily evening swimming sessions my daughter swam to far too the deep end and was close to drowning. I quickly reacted and pulled her out. I got really scared for her. it's one of the most toughest moments of my life. I still get shivers thinking about it. the fear of losing is disastrous. I thank god that everything turned out right.

I- another photo. what do you have to say about that.
ma- aren't we a cool mother- daughter pair.

the tea had finished leaving some tea leafs behind. the sky had turned darker signalling too much time had passed. surfing through photo albums, we lost the track of time.evening turned into night. so this was a one to one with my mom in the balcony of our house with only mom and I in attendance. talking about moments we created moment of moments.